Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Commodore 64

I was just remembering the commodore 64-----yes i was very young when they came out. But i really like the design of the computer. How bout you?

Why no comments yet people?

Monday, April 28, 2008


This past weekend we played a fun show for the surf/clothing story called Modele. We did our first set outside, it was in PB----a place I'm not super fond of but it was fun none the less. But anyways the funny part of the night was when I was playing the drums and out of the peripheral i see a cop in blue uniform holding his flashlight. because i saw him out of the corner of my eye-i continued to play and close my eyes acting as if i never saw him--------than i feel a tap on my shoulder. I look up at the cop------he motions with his hand under his neck to cut the music. I stop- Jared looks at me and he sees the cop and immediately stops his loop machine, and the cop was kind of embarrassed, and he says: "we got a noise complaint"----mind you we are in PB of all places. SO we stop the music the cop walks away and I kind of sarcastically ask him---can we move in doors? and he said yes-----any ways the night went on---it was pretty funny---it brought me back to the days of playing loud punk music in my garage, and getting the cops called on me (a female cop) by our quite neighbors.......

Monday, April 21, 2008


Okay this is a little pectoral rep of my aesthetic. Grant Green: plays guitar the way it should be played, pretty much every record he has ever done is incredible
Elvin Jones: One of my favorite drummers ever-----Artist of the drums
Chet Baker: I feel has one of the most amazing discography and is one of the few musicians that played in the 50's on into the 80's---so his evolution and improvisation style goes through many changes. Manuel Gottsching genius electric/electronic sound of 80's, and of course Blade Runner-captures, to me an amazing sci-fi that has amazing stage sets, script, clothing, lighting, editing, music, acting, story.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

You Dudes better make it to this show

Mattson 2 has not seen you in a long time. You should make it up to us by driving down to PB and watching us play at a surf shop. Here is the info. Please come---its free, and you all are totally welcome to come!

Modele Surf Shop 4850 Cass St. San Diego CA 92109

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where Do You Find Mattson 2

As some of you know---or have figured out, this is a blog for mattson 2 but also a blog for recent and past dicoveries and inspirations in art, music, and litrature, and other stuff.

I wanted to address something that have been the subject of many conversations on the subject of Mattson 2---and that is records.........Where do you find mattson 2 records? I have to admit, through out the past couple years Jared and I have composed many works that go unheard by many except maybe our Friend/Producer/Collaborator Thomas Campbell and some of our friends that happen to show an interest. To answer the question of 'Where do you find Mattson 2': Well its kind of hard. You can find our Japanese Release: "Ray Barbee Meets The Mattson 2" on amazon, and if you have a japanese credit card you can get it on iTunes JP----but im kind of against buying digital music----I think in order to completlly enjoy a record the appreciation of the entire piece of art is in order: The album design/art, liner notes photos ( aphysical paper too not just a pathetic digital represintation)-. SO i suggest buying the record on amazon if you rreally want it.

MATTSON 2 EP: INTRODUCING THE MATTSON 2. Will be released on Galaxia Records hopefully with in the next couple of months----though many of you;and i can be safe to say almost all of you---have been unable to hear our progression to the point were we go into the studio---and even the studio recordings-------there is just nothing out there yet except for our live performances. But our EP: introducing The Mattson 2 i think, is a great cohesive emotional record. It features authentic Jazz chops with an underlying alternative post rock aesthetic that creates an all around artful musical sound. 2 numbers on the disc: 'Longing Of The Leftist' include performances by John McEntire (check out). and other songs include performances by San Fraancisco based Tenor Sax player Tom Greisser. The Album features many other divers elements but is maintain a cohesive Mattson 2 sound. Look for it soon with in the next months. Thanks for reading. Goodnight.

Monday, April 14, 2008

yo han

Hello. Jared and I along with Ray Barbee and Aakaash just played a show at a independent bookstore called OPEN. I think its a great name and the books store is a very nice place---they have a good selection of rare, and out of print books.

The show was Ray Barbee Meets Mattson2 and Aakaash. The show was raw-----we were playing very aggressive, and almost punk sounding----lound drums, loud guitars, bumpin bass solos, cracks and buzzes in the bassman amplifire. Aakaash was performing some amazing bass lines, very syncopated polyrhythmic lines----he is by far my favorite bass player to play with------he creates a great bed for the rhthm section to be loose. Many of my drum fills during the night would bend time and be almost completly out of rhythm---and every time i did those fill me and aakaash would be grooving. Anywyas the show was great we played 1 new number with a section in 4/4 time signature and the other half of the song (the b section) in 5/4 time signature. I think that song was the highlite of the evening. Hope you all see us soon.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Recent Inspirations

Recent Inspirations:

*Tatsuya Nakatani- A remarkable solo percussionist that performs on a unique drum set----no hi hats, no standing cymbles. He has a small piccalo snare drum that he put a wood block on and a cloth he uses for muting. He also has a pile of broken cymbles, and regular cymbles that he uses on the pieces for a rich emotional texture. He also uses a very tiny tom maybe 6 inches and very thin as well, 13 x 13 floor tom, and what looks to be a field drum for his bass drum, a very compact kit----he is one of the only drummer i have see that actually make me feel the same emotions i would as if i heard four piece band------he creates a amazing depth of emotion ranging from Anger, aggitation, love, meloncholy, yearning etc.-------check him out.
---Tatsuya Nakatani: Primal Communication

*Haruki Murakami-Amazing surreal author, that includes elements of the Jazz world in his writings---writing about jazz musicians and jazz cafes, jazz bars-etc. He has a descriptive style of writing, he writes about vivid blue skies, and he also appeals to the human psychology----hes truly remarkable- a book that i recently finished by him is 'Norwegian Wood'-talks about the college dorm room days of a student in Japan that reminisces over moment he shared with lost friends and his love for a girl named Naoko----its written in first person---the book contains many nostalgic moments---but its much more than a romance---its a moving beautiful story-i don't give it just with these words.
-----Haruki Murakami: Norwegian Wood

*Ike Quebec-To me, Ike Quebec sounds like an astronaut floating in space. He has an intense and insane reverb tone. And one thing that really entices me on this recent record I've been listening to is the sound recording of the drums-drummer Philly Jo Jones--the drums are recorded with a massive reverb sound. The drums sound to me like confident booming statements in each hit---the recording quality catches every detail of the jazz drums.
-----Ike Quebec: Blue & Sentimental

*Daido Moriyama-One of the most emotional photographers I have seen. His style is BW photography-to me the photography of Daido Moriyama captures the same feeling of emotional music in his photography. His work is very influential to me, and his sense of improvisation as well-----he has a book called 'Hunting'-inspired by Kerouac's 'On The Road' we he drives around Japan's country side in his car and takes random photos of japans landscape out his car window.
-----Daido Moriyama: Hunting

*Billy Strayhorn-Billy Strayhorn is well known for his works and collaboration/partnership with the great Duke Ellington. He is more of a composer than a performer. He has an amazing gift for writing music, that comes from his inspiration of the French Romantics, and uses of dissonance and horn chords/color.I just took a class at UCSD on the study of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorns music and it was very interesting the fact that many of Billy Strayhorns pieces have been uncredited, but Billy Strayhorn has a definable composition style as well as a beautiful piano performance style. Because of Billy Strayhorns works not always being credited to him---i say that Billy Strayhorns songs are mysteries that one has to uncover to find. I also think that his style for writing for the Duke Ellington Orchestra was far stronger than Dukes style. He wrote with more harmony involved h=and with the idea of featuring a solo voice more that a group of instruments playing the melody. Also his background chord voicings are amazing.
------Billy Strayhorn: songs: A Drum is a Woman, Day Dream (from 1967), Northern Lights, Agra, Love, Strange Feeling, Up and Down Up and Down, Pretty Girl, and the amazing: Bloodcount.............

I have returned

Hello----everyone, I have been in Hibernation. I have returned. Welcome back. I have to say that I have been gone for quite some time because my friend peter is designing me a website/blog right now so i found it pointless to update this one----only to delete it when the new one comes, but as of this moment i am updating my blog, please continue to check this blog until i refer you to the new site.