Friday, September 28, 2007

Mattsoon 2 is very excited for this show at Club Duo on October 10. Jared and I are not only excited because we will be in Japan for a second time---but because we are sharing this performance with some of our very favorite Japanese musicians. "Chocolat & Akito" is and amazing 'Husband and Wife' duo that write original compositions that are reminiscent of bands like "Tortoise" "The Sea & Cake" "Milton Nascimento." Than Mori-San is also performing at club duo as a DJ. He is a member of another amazing band from Japan called "Natural Calamity" and "Gabby & Lopez"---which have a sound similar to "Tommy Guerrero" but of course has a sound that is uniquely his own, very atmospheric beautiful catchy melodies. So all in all I really look forward to this performance!! Hope some of you are present to see it!

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