Wednesday, October 24, 2007

heres photos for hmv that i wasnt able to download..........complications........yusef

Mattson played live at the Apple Store in SHibuya Japan. It was alot of fun. We hope to play there again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

HMV Live

Jared and I got the great oppertunity to perform live at HMV in Shibuya, Japan. It was a really cool show. We played about 30min of music, but pre show HMV showed a movie trailer of our "Ray Barbee Meets Mattson 2 Documentory." I dont know if many of you know this but------we are re-releasing that album (Ray Barbee Meets Mattson 2) which, at the moment is only available in Japan.........however we are releasing a U.S. version of the RB Meets M2 and also re-releasing one in Japan, both the U.S. Version and the Re-release of the Japanese version are going to include a 'making of the album' DVD with interviews by Thomas Campbell, Tommy Guererro, Geoff Mcfetridge, Ray Barbee, and Jared and I. So to clarify, HMV, befor our live performance, showed a sneak peek preview of that 'making of the album' dvd. It was cool. My friend from San Francisco, Tyler Manson is taking on the task of making that DVD, along with alittle bit of pointers from Thomas Campbell. So anyways HMV showed that trailer, than we performed live for about 30min than after we did a live interview talking about how we started playing/listening to Jazz, and also talk about the new release of the album, stuff like that. It went good.

Unfortunatlly blogger is being super dumb right now and its saying ERROR ERROR ERROR everytime i try to upload photos of this....please forgive me.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I hope i dont offend anyone

Okay I really hope i dont offen anyone----but i thought this was the funniest thing....there is a shop in Shibuya, Tokyo that is called Condomania and they a bunch of differant kinds of condoms........hahahaha look at the photos.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Asagiri Jam

Wow, what can i say. Asagiri was alot more than i expected. First of all let me start by explaining what Asagiri Jam festival is all about. Okay so its designed to be an oppertunity for camping....but of course there is live music------but all the people that go there want to go there for the camping and having a good time with friends-----they dont know what bands are playing until maybe the day of the shows---it last two days. It was totally sold out--there were so many people. I got to see an amazing Japanese Hippie culture-it was seriously like Woodstock in the 70' Jared and I recieved good response to our music to.

Our First Night In Japan

Our first night in Japan was great. Our friends/members of Rush! Productions picked us up from the airport. We later had dinner at a super relaxed seafood (of course) restuarant called "By The Sea" with Aiko, Marcy, and Yasushi.

Happy Freak

Both Jared and I are having so much fun. We have been having very great response at our performances. Also the days are filled with alot of action----and we are keeping very buisy with seeing tokyo and other parts of Japan. We have been having great food! Two days ago, Rush! said we had a day off from doing performances/interviews so we spent the day with Rip Zinger and his good friend Taro, who was kind enough to let us use his boards and also to take us to a really nice place for drinks called "Match Point". Rip is getting to be a great surfer---jared and I are super stoked for his stokedge. So We and Rip took the train to Kimakura (spelling is hard) and from there we caught a bus to Zushi. The shred session was great. The sentance of the day was by was: HIGH SHREDDIBILITY. I am convinced that Rip is a genius. Another motivating saying by Rip was "Its not the size of the wave in the shred...its the size of the shred in the wave"

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Hello my friends, SORRY i havent been updating my blog EVERYDAY, so many of you have been complaining...... :) hahah well these next couple days i will totally update everyday with news on our tours on Japan. Hope you all enjoy the blog.