Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Freak

Both Jared and I are having so much fun. We have been having very great response at our performances. Also the days are filled with alot of action----and we are keeping very buisy with seeing tokyo and other parts of Japan. We have been having great food! Two days ago, Rush! said we had a day off from doing performances/interviews so we spent the day with Rip Zinger and his good friend Taro, who was kind enough to let us use his boards and also to take us to a really nice place for drinks called "Match Point". Rip is getting to be a great surfer---jared and I are super stoked for his stokedge. So We and Rip took the train to Kimakura (spelling is hard) and from there we caught a bus to Zushi. The shred session was great. The sentance of the day was by was: HIGH SHREDDIBILITY. I am convinced that Rip is a genius. Another motivating saying by Rip was "Its not the size of the wave in the shred...its the size of the shred in the wave"

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