Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where Do You Find Mattson 2

As some of you know---or have figured out, this is a blog for mattson 2 but also a blog for recent and past dicoveries and inspirations in art, music, and litrature, and other stuff.

I wanted to address something that have been the subject of many conversations on the subject of Mattson 2---and that is records.........Where do you find mattson 2 records? I have to admit, through out the past couple years Jared and I have composed many works that go unheard by many except maybe our Friend/Producer/Collaborator Thomas Campbell and some of our friends that happen to show an interest. To answer the question of 'Where do you find Mattson 2': Well its kind of hard. You can find our Japanese Release: "Ray Barbee Meets The Mattson 2" on amazon, and if you have a japanese credit card you can get it on iTunes JP----but im kind of against buying digital music----I think in order to completlly enjoy a record the appreciation of the entire piece of art is in order: The album design/art, liner notes photos ( aphysical paper too not just a pathetic digital represintation)-. SO i suggest buying the record on amazon if you rreally want it.

MATTSON 2 EP: INTRODUCING THE MATTSON 2. Will be released on Galaxia Records hopefully with in the next couple of months----though many of you;and i can be safe to say almost all of you---have been unable to hear our progression to the point were we go into the studio---and even the studio recordings-------there is just nothing out there yet except for our live performances. But our EP: introducing The Mattson 2 i think, is a great cohesive emotional record. It features authentic Jazz chops with an underlying alternative post rock aesthetic that creates an all around artful musical sound. 2 numbers on the disc: 'Longing Of The Leftist' include performances by John McEntire (check out). and other songs include performances by San Fraancisco based Tenor Sax player Tom Greisser. The Album features many other divers elements but is maintain a cohesive Mattson 2 sound. Look for it soon with in the next months. Thanks for reading. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Jamie Welsh Watson said...

I really love the sounds of Mattson 2. It is an exciting new discovery for me! I will definitely get the album on Amazon with Ray Barbee. I hope to see you guys in San Francisco this year. Only wish I would have known about your music when you played at Mollusk last Fall. Have a great time in Europe. Cheers, Jamie