Monday, April 14, 2008

yo han

Hello. Jared and I along with Ray Barbee and Aakaash just played a show at a independent bookstore called OPEN. I think its a great name and the books store is a very nice place---they have a good selection of rare, and out of print books.

The show was Ray Barbee Meets Mattson2 and Aakaash. The show was raw-----we were playing very aggressive, and almost punk sounding----lound drums, loud guitars, bumpin bass solos, cracks and buzzes in the bassman amplifire. Aakaash was performing some amazing bass lines, very syncopated polyrhythmic lines----he is by far my favorite bass player to play with------he creates a great bed for the rhthm section to be loose. Many of my drum fills during the night would bend time and be almost completly out of rhythm---and every time i did those fill me and aakaash would be grooving. Anywyas the show was great we played 1 new number with a section in 4/4 time signature and the other half of the song (the b section) in 5/4 time signature. I think that song was the highlite of the evening. Hope you all see us soon.

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